Noise: A Day Without Laughter Is a Day Wasted

312. Colton, 12, Lace Sculpture, digital documentation of model magic sculpture
337. Tia, 17,Full Sunset, oil pastels
356. Evi 6, Destination Frosty, watercolor
357. Fabian, 13, Chicago Skyline, ink
361. Mason, 10, Ice Kingdom, CGI
394. Ali, 18, Rubber Block Cupcake 66, rubber block print
420. Logan, 15, Poetry Response & Assemblage Box, assemblage


Gallery Night 2014 was a huge success! Thanks so much to our sponsors, attendees, supporters, and the young artists who made this night possible! Did you take pictures at the green screen photobooth? Like us on Facebook and find your photo!















As part of our Year of the Poem, here is our October Poem of the Month.

October poem of the month