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The Lost House

What began as a film experiment with shadow and light soon evolved into an abstract horror movie shot almost entirely in miniature using cardboard, paper and clay. Focusing on suspense, mood and tone, our young patients veer away from the graphic nature of the modern horror genre, and focus more on the anticipation of the […]

Double Cobra logo

Double Cobra

Underneath this action movie’s exterior of smoke, chases, and fire lie the foundation of mythology, the conflict of good versus evil, and the technical prowess of editing the fast-paced film sequence. The students’ knowledge of heroes and villains led directly to the main characters, including the film’s hero, Double Cobra, and his arch nemesis, Mongoose. […]

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For Lil Tweak

Laura, age 15, a patient at Children’s Memorial Hospital, wrote the above poem inspired by Kwame Dawes’ poem, “Tornado Child.” Laura worked with poet-in-residence Erin to discuss how Dawes uses vivid details and sensory images to describe a person who acts like a tornado.

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Mystery Movie

“The Mystery Movie” is a collaborative film created by more than 100 young patients at two Chicago hospitals. Most of the young patients, ages 6 to 32, never met or spoke with each other, at least not directly.