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Meet Frankie

AGES 11 – 21

Over the course of 10 years and over 300 workshops with Snow City Arts, Frankie’s artistic practice has evolved beyond our usual workshop model. Though much of the amazing work you see here was created in our typical one-on-one creative workshops, Frankie began more and more to create work outside of the hospital and to bring his work to us as artistic peers, from whom he seeks artistic critiques and advice.

Frankie is tremendously self-motivated, creating piano compositions, short stories, and a novel, all percolating and intermingling with his thoughts on philosophy, critical theory, movies, and television. He’ll present these to us, ask for opinions, revise, present, and revise again.

The teacher-student relationship continues, though our role in his artistic process has evolved to that of collaborators rather than educators. Frankie is an intrepid artistic adventurer working with any medium and bringing his extraordinary worldview to any project or thought we might offer.

Visual Art

Creative Writing