How do you feel when you make art?

When I’m making music I feel a unique sense of focus that often seems rare when I’m doing other things. I’m able to tune out the world around me and just listen to what I’m playing. If I’m writing a new piece of music, there is also a sense of excitement while I wait to hear what’s going to happen next in every section. It’s just really fun to start with nothing and wind up with something.  Listen to some of Kevin’s music: his band Cpt. Captain here and his album Acoustic Archives here.

What is the most wonderful gift of art you have ever received?

The most wonderful art gift I ever received was probably my first guitar. It was a starter Fender acoustic and I could never put it down.

Fender Acoustic Starter Pack

What has working remotely been like for you since sheltering at home starting March 13, 2020?

The most surprising thing about working remotely is that I actually get to see (on Zoom) more of my fellow teaching artists more often. When we’re in the hospitals I only usually work with Dan and Eric, but now I get to see everyone else during our daily TA check ins. The ability to check in with people I usually only get to see once every two months has been incredibly helpful as we all try to pivot to a new platform and learn new ways of doing things.

Kevin and the Programming Team on Zoom

Kevin’s Home Studio – beng packed up to move soon!

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