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In our Creative Writing Workshop, we use the written word to spark young imaginations. We focus on language skills by helping children exercise good reading, spelling, and grammar habits as well as vocabulary expansion. Whether they are reading, or writing poetry or short stories, children learn the power of self-expression as they find their voice.

Collaboration with community organizations brings instructors from around Chicago, all with unique talents and ideas. Children’s writings are collected in mini-anthologies and then given to patients and families. Each long-term patient usually completes a “book” of poems or short stories to take with them upon discharge. These books, at times, contain up to fifty poems by a single child author.

2014 Year of the Poem
Snow City Arts is thrilled to celebrate creative writing developed by the children and youth in our workshops. We are consistently delighted, amused, and inspired by their fresh, funny, and thoughtful poems and stories. Please enjoy their creativity and spread their powerful words with your friends, family and colleagues.

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Join Snow City Arts by participating in Poem In Your Pocket Day on April 24, 2014. We will be distributing poems written by students engaged in our program, and we hope you’ll help us. Download a poem from a Snow City Arts student and share it with a friend, family member, co-worker, or random person on April 24, 2014.

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PoetryFestClick here for a full workshop description.
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As part of our 2014 Year of the Poem efforts, Snow City Arts is pleased to host visual artist and poet Krista Franklin in April. Krista will lead a Professional Development workshop with our Artists-in-Residence.

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Download and enjoy previous Poems of the Month.