Tamara’s Artistic Beginnings

As a part of our yearlong 20th Anniversary celebration, Snow City Arts has had the opportunity to reconnect with many former students. Earlier this Spring, at our Visual Arts Exhibition, Allie Spicer, one of our Visual Arts Teaching Artists, met up with Tamara, who created a painting more than 10 years ago when she was just six years old. Now an accomplished writer and visual artist, we wanted to know more about Tamara today and what she remembers from her work in the hospital.

What do you remember about making art in the hospital those many years ago?

What I remember about making art in the hospital those many years ago was a sense of freedom and individuality. And I still feel that way. Instead of feeling and thinking about the pain, or even at times depression, making art made me feel whole again, it made me feel what it means to have an internal human experience. It is nothing like it and it is infinite. For generations go, but art stays for an eternity, flawless and impeccably full of emotion.

Tamara and Allison Spicer at the Visual Arts Exhibition

Were you surprised that it’s something you could do while in the hospital?

Yes, I was very surprised that there was something as such as an escape that I could do while in the hospital. Many clowns or magicians would stop by, but not fine arts teaching artist. Having that opportunity to associate with a teaching artist and to express yourself really helped my mental health and it should be in every hospital. I will help in the cause to do such.

What was your teaching artist like?

My teaching artist, Ms. Allison was very nice and caring. I remember the freedom in her eyes that touched my soul to do more in art. I never forgot the joy in her eyes, for it gave me the power to do more in my power when it comes to artwork for myself and so many others.

Was art something you were interested in before someone from Snow City Arts visited you?

A sample of some of Tamara’s work she did in the hospital more than 10 years ago.

Yes, very much. I was taught by a music teacher in my elementary school to see how music is colours in motion and I started to imagine music and art intertwining similarly like that of synesthesia. In my mid to end years of middle school I discovered how wonderful art was in my soul. However, when I arrived at the hospital and was associated with Snow City Arts, they provided such joy and freedom into kids souls who were sick and gave them an escape, for I knew I wanted to do much more in high school and also, in college for the rest of my life. For art is an extension from the nature around us that really caused me to ponder on how art is what we make it.

What does drawing/painting/writing mean to you today?

Art is more than just an action, it is more like a way of living; a feeling in the human soul. Art can be expressed in multiple mediums, for it is multidimensional just like that of the human experience.

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