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Instruction Guides accompany each workshop and include: learning objectives, materials, resources, steps, methods for differentiated instruction, and Illinois State Common Core and Arts Learning standards

Step-by-Step Guides provide workshop content in a detailed step-by-step format, allowing users the opportunity to complete workshop without video instruction

Video Transcripts are literal transcripts of video instruction

Diverse learning options and resources available.


In this workshop you will learn how to prepare and draw an Exquisite Corpse and teach this drawing game to others. You’ll explore texture and detail in the context of character design and figure drawing and about the Surrealist art movement. Last, but not least, you will learn how to make some cool art with limited supplies.

One-on-One Instruction For Children & Youth Ages 5-24

Snow City Arts now offers virtual one-on-one arts instruction for children and youth in Chicagoland hospitals or at home. If you would like to sign up for a 45 minute workshop click below to choose from creative writing, dance, media arts, music, theater, or visual arts.

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