Virtual Learning with SCA

Want to make some art today?

Snow City Arts teaching artists and program staff have been hard at work innovating new ways to provide our students with empowering art instruction while we are distanced as a response to the spread of COVID-19. Since mid-March, 2020 we have been building a safe, HIPAA compliant infrastructure for remote modes of program delivery, creating new lessons and workshops aligned with IL state standards, and activating home video production by the teaching artists. In addition, SCA is poised to provide some publicly accessible learning modules as models of best practices for the art in health community, as well as for use by the general public, who we know are eager for resources while sheltering-in-place.

At this time, pediatric patients at our hospital partners are under severe visitor restrictions making an already challenging situation even more isolating. The affirming creative, social, and educational impact of SCA’s programming is needed more than ever right now, and the whole Snow City team is determined to ensure that arts education remains accessible.

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In normal times, Snow City Arts Teaching Artists meet with participants in person in the privacy of a hospital room or other private space. These are not normal times, and with the stay-at-home orders and social distancing firmly in place to stem the tide of COVID-19, Snow City Arts, like the rest of the world, is using alternative methods to stay in touch with our participants. We plan to use a email (Google Suite); our website (; scheduling site (to be determined); video conference platform (Zoom); and audio-only communications via mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Snow City Arts will communicate with parents and students 18 and older utilizing DocuSign to secure releases related to artwork, media, and school communication. These sources have been vetted for your privacy and protection and we are aware that each have their own shortfalls. This disclosure will be updated when new tools are added. Although Snow City will do its best to ensure the privacy of these communications and interactions, as with any virtual communications, we cannot guarantee with certainty that such communications will be completely private and that inadvertent, unplanned disclosures will not occur. In the event that Snow City Arts becomes aware of a breach, Snow City Arts will reach you/a parent or guardian, a referring teacher if applicable, and the affiliated hospital. By allowing your child to participate, or consenting as a participant 18 or older, in Snow City Arts’ programs and engage with this technology, you acknowledge, accept and assume this risk and do not hold Snow City Arts liable for any unintended disclosures due to the use of above.