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Ronnie and SCA student exploring the keyboard

Music Workshops focus on providing students with the gratifying experience of creating music.

Since we don’t know how long a patient will be in the hospital and instrument study is a cumulative, time-based process, our musicians-in-residence have developed various ways to allow a student with little or no prior music instruction to arrive quickly at a place of musical creativity. SCA Musicians-in-Residence encourage children to find rhythms and to explore elements of music and composition through rhythm exercises. Older pediatric patients learn to play instruments and become involved in music theory.

Along the way children explore the music of cultures around the world, how to construct instruments, and collaborate with fellow patients in other hospitals on original recordings.

Jadisha had her first piano lesson today! She very quickly picked up the letter names of the notes and was able to use them to refer to what we were doing. Listening back to the sweet, slow, contemplative duet we’d recorded together, she commented that it sounded not like a dance, or a lullaby, but like a piece of music that you would want to listen to while reflecting, thinking, or meditating. We titled it “Reflection.” – Ronnie Kuller, SCA Musician-in-Residence

Listen to Reflection, by Jadisha
part of the 2014 Snow City Arts Album, NOISE!

The Ambient Music Project: A Snow City Arts album

The Ambient Music Project is centered around the idea that writing and playing back “ambient music” composed by the children in the hospital setting could very much transform their environment. Hospital rooms are generally generic and literally sterile. The concept of ambient music not functioning as background music but transformative music is at the heart of this project – adding an aesthetic layer to the room; influential but not obtrusive.